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Walking in Wills’ Shoes

by David Hillan and Yvonne Hill

2nd Edition published 22 February 2022 (Originally published 16 August 2021) · 179 pages · Illustrated in full colour · Large Format Softcover


Read all about the latest discovery in the historic mystery of the Burke and Wills tragedy and where their last camp really was located. Written by a professional surveyor and photographer — two people who were on the ground in Far Northern Australia, following Wills’ original handwritten survey notes and tracking their original marked trees.


  • Fully illustrated with images of the journey
  • Photographs by an international award-winning photographer
  • Large format softback edition signed by the author
  • Original manuscript of the survey proof by David Hillan
  • Stories of the adventures and dangers which unfolded as they tracked
  • Explore with them on a journey which unfolded over several decades
  • Find out where the old explorers’ final camp was really located

Available to purchase now!

Now Available to Purchase

This book has just hit the printing press! You can grab your own copy now. Hunker down in a comfy armchair, and enjoy the illustrated adventures following along in the footsteps of Burke & Wills in the remote country of Far North Australia.